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What to Say in a Letter to Birth Parents

When we write to our child's birth parents, should we include family challenges, or only successes? The AF expert explains.

by Brenda Romanchik

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Q: I send letters with pictures to my children’s birth parents via our adoption agencies. Their birth parents haven’t asked to see the letters yet, but we continue to hope that they will. It’s easy to write about my children’s successes, but how much do I say about our parenting challenges, family therapy, or my successful struggle with cancer? I want my letters to be truthful; I don’t want them to sound like boastful Christmas letters either. What do birth parents want to know in the letters I write—especially those who aren’t closely in touch?.

A: I believe that honesty, in any relationship, is the best policy. You are trying to build a relationship with your children’s birth parents. Assume that one day you will meet.

Of course, you need not bare all either. In a semi-open adoption, it is important to share the events and challenges that affect the life of the adopted child. Write about how the family is facing these challenges and how your child is coping. Ups and downs are a part of everyone’s life. Few birth parents expect their child’s life to be perfect. What will reassure them is knowing that challenges are being handled in a healthy way. When, or if, there is contact, your letters will provide a strong foundation for a relationship.

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North Wales/Lansdale Adoption is an adoption agency connecting birthmothers with compassionate and caring families in Pennsylvania (PA)

Adoption is a loving relationship between all involved who care deeply about the future of a very special child. That’s why North Wales/Lansdale Adoptions is a traditional licensed agency — who works hard to assist birthparents all across Pennsylvania.

Unplanned Pregnancy in PA.

I own and operate a small but compassionate and caring licensed adoption agency. I provide services to women of all ages — and from all walks of life — who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

My program also provides a comprehensive outreach program to assist Pennsylvania birthmothers in locating a couple or family for their unborn child. I will continue to support you throughout your adoption plan, both during your pregnancy and after the placement of your child.

Private Adoption in PA

North Wales/Lansdale Adoptions Through our countrywide professional contacts, we also network for prospective adoptive parents when we become aware of a birthmother seeking a family for her child. We meet with many social service providers and doctors in the community to make them aware of our agency’s program.

Our number-one goal? To connect families with compassion and care.

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We know this is quite possibly the hardest choice you will ever have to make in your life, and we don’t take your decision lightly. Indeed, the actions you’re taking today are the true embodiment of a mother’s love — you’ve landed on this website because you’re putting your child’s future and his or her best interests ahead of your own feelings and concerns.

Here are some of the ways we consider ourselves different than others in the adoption field:

We work with only a couple of families at any given time, which gives us the opportunity to truly get to know those families' beliefs, as well as their philosophies about raising children.

We conduct thorough, in-person interviews with every single couple hoping to adopt through my agency. We review their backgrounds, we check and double-check their documents, and we prepare in-depth reports after completing onsite visits of their homes.

I will always be here for you — 24 hours a day, seven days a week — no matter what. If you need to speak with me one week after your baby is born or whenever you need me.

At North Wales/Lansdale Adoptions, I take pride in providing adoption services in a caring and compassionate way, and above all else, on giving personal attention to everyone involved in the adoption triangle. Because NWL Adoptions is a smaller agency, I get to know you and your circumstances. My hope is that after speaking with me, you will realize the personal level of care and concern we provide.

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