About me

My Philosophy

My Philosophy is to listen.  Listening is the key to providing the best support to the birth parent's.  They ultimately have to make the hardest decision of their life.

Just because birth parent's decide to place a child or unborn up for adoption in one moment doesn't mean that the same decision will apply 6 months later or after the baby is born.  This why I spend a lot of talking about their rights and choices and the different ways that a birth mother can change her mind.

A good adoption is one where the birth parent's walk away knowing that what they have done was right, and that the people they have chosen will give their child what they cannot.

My Story

For the past 27 years I have been a practicing psychotherapist in the North Wales/Lansdale area specializing in the area of children, families and couples.

I received a call 15 years ago from a young woman named Katherine at a California Law Center looking for an Adoption Service Provider in Pennsylvania.  I started working with that Law Center, known as AdoptHelp Inc.  I have never turned back and have enjoyed working with every birth and adoptive parent that I have met since.

Adoption is tough as you have to be strong when working with birth mother's.  The most difficult decision is the one from the birth birth mother, "AM I MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION?"  The question is usually challenging throughout the pregnancy and the Adoption process itself.  The most important  strength I can give is support for whatever decision the birth mother will ultimately make.

My Training

I have been in practice for 24 years. I graduated from Temple University in 1988 with a Master's Degree in Social Work. During my College studies I worked in various Psychiatric settings including, the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, North Western Institute of Psychiatry and Eugenia Psychiatric Hospital. I studied the theories of Salvador Minuchin (Structural Family Therapy), Jay Haley (The Strategic Model of Psychotherapy), and Carl Whitaker, MD (who realized the need to treat the family as a whole).


In 1993, I was awarded my Academy of Certified Social Workers certificate from the National Association of Social Workers, and in 1994 I received my Diplomat in Clinical Social Work certificate from the NASW. The highest accomplishments acknowledged by the NASW.


Today, I utilize that training in order to make my work with Individuals, Children, Families and Couples the best it can be.


  • I am a recognized authority on the diagnosis and treatment for childhood hereditary disorders (ADHD, OCD, and Tourette's Syndrome).

  • I am known for my expertise in helping Adults deal with depression, anxiety, and mental illness related to medical conditions (diabetes & pain management).

  • I consider all options in the treatment of individuals, families and in my work with couples. 

I have been providing Adoption Services for the past 15 years.  Recently received my Adoption certificates from the Department of Human Services.  Opened up North Wales/Lansdale Adoptions to provide more service to birth mother's.  Most of my work is with thee birth mother or parent's helping them understand the adoption process, as well as what they need to know in order to have a successful Adoption.

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